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Smart Debit

Smart Debit is an unified payment interface, the following service will be available to various FinTechs and tech providers to better enable their product. Customers can sign up into Smart Debit from any of the authorized partners of Nepal Payment and enjoy various services offered by the tech providers. By signing up to smart debit, customers can view, transact and enquire regarding their multiple bank accounts in a single interface. Feature that you can use via the following interface will be:

  • Balance Enquiry
  • Fund Transfer
  • Transaction History
  • One Time Payment


InstaFund is a Inter Bank and Financial Institutions (BFIs) Fund transfer service connecting various aspects of the customer banking experience. Customer can move or send money to any of the following institution via InstaFund:

  • A Class Banks
  • B Class Banks
  • C Class Banks
  • D Class Microfinance Institutions
  • Cooperatives
  • Ewallets
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Overview Image

Aggregated Payment Gateway

Although many payment facilitators are now providing payment facilities to merchants and SMEs, there still isn't a single interface interconnecting all of the payment providers into one. Nepal Payments aggregated payment gateway is an approach where customer can connect to single payment API and get aggregated payment interface containing almost all of the available payment instrument in Nepal, some of them are:

  • International Card Payments
  • Domestic Card Payments
  • Mobile Banking Checkout
  • eBanking Checkout
  • Link-Based Payment Checkout
  • eWallet Checkout


One Link enables a unique payment service run by a single link to pay or collect payments. The best part is that you need No API, No Apps, and even No Website.

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Link Account

Link Account is a bank binding service from Nepal Payment. It lets users access and connect their bank accounts to your applications securely without exposing account information.