Integration Flow

Access to Multiple
Financial Institutions


Transaction Support


Agile Switching
& Management


Accept Payments
from Anyone, Anywhere

Our hosted checkout module accepts multi currencies, so our members can offer a localized buying experience for their target customers, no matter which part of the word they are in.

Sell Safely & Securely

We uphold multi level standards and security checks that every transaction must pass through in order to be completed. We make sure that our member’s business is safe so they can focus on what’s important – growing their business.

Switch Quickly & Easily

We make the move to payment checkout page a virtually seamless process, so as not to interrupt the flow of business and ensure that our member’s target customers can continue to purchase their product.

Integrate Checkout
Process Smoothly

Customer’s Purchase experience will be consistent with website and responsive to any device - all with little to no coding on your end.


Nepal Payment provides an unique opportunity to any kind of institution to have an interoperable scenario with other players in the market, with our unique mutualization and interoperable system.